Monday, April 23, 2007

My LAST Post!

On this Blog that is! Most of the images on here will be coming down over the next few days, the posts will stay......BUT BUT BUT you can go check out the NEW, fancy, interesting and much more regular than this one! See you over at the new Home.......AND SO ON.....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Catch Up Time!

I'll start with an apology! for those of you linked here, this has been a completely boring site I know! I have been dealing with some health stuff, getting a new photographer's forum up and running with my buddy Kelly and getting my own website up and running. My friend Tash is helping me and hosting me. She is a doll, Kylie got so sick with her morning sickness that she could barely get off the bed, so things took a step back for a while, which also gave me a chance to relook at my logo, etc. Love the new one! So.....the Launch is going to be two weeks away! ....and yes there will be a couple of free photography session giveaways for those in the Christchurch/Canterbury region. The banners for the Scrapbook Outlet are working well and their kits are sensational! Sign up, you won't be disappointed. If any of you are looking for a custom designed banner for your Blog or a website logo, contact me here and I'll email you back. Reasonably priced and four design options given. For examples see all banner work including the Company logo at the Scrapbook Outlet, Scrap of Faith, Nic Howard's blog and Beyond Just Images. Thanks! In the meantime here is a couple of commercial images, love this style of photography:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

for Ava

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Little Pink Balloon

On Saturday at 10am Brisbane time (1pm here in New Zealand) Ava will be laid to rest but her family will continue to grief, and for those of us who have lost one's close and dear to our hearts, we know that really that is when the grieving begins and some of the numbness begins to wear off. In honor of Ava, pink balloons will be released at her final farewell and all over the world people will be joining them. Professional photographers, friends and family who can't be with the Rosemeyer family will be letting three pink balloons for each precious year of Ava's life, the last of which I had the privilege to witness via Sheye's amazing images some of which can be seen HERE. So if you see pink balloons flying over your house it is possible that they have come from England, Canada, USA, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa...just some of the places I know they will be released. Look up and remember Ava, remember all the other children whose time with us is so short and whose deaths are so difficult to understand. Meg, I know you've tagged me! and I'll follow through with it after well as updates on my two classes ....OnLine Layout at Scrap of Faith and a Photography Course at Scrapbook Outlet NZ, but right now I just wanted to send you all Hugs and THANK EVERYONE for your kind words and checking in here to let Sheye know that a community of women and mother's bleed with her. I thank God for Sheye's photos and her Blog....we never guessed it would become more precious than gold, a diary of Ava's life and memory. Keep taking those images and keep journalling....but I pray that you will never need it in this way.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Heart is Breaking

The above banner is courtesy of Carrie Young.... My colleague and amazing photographer Sheye Rosemeyer, lost her 3 year old daughter last night. It was a horrible tragic accident. She got locked in the family's black car which was parked outside in the full 36 degree sun and no one could find her for half an hour of panic stricken terror. The grandparents live next door and it is normal for the kids to flit between their house and home. Sheye said that Ava was being mischeivious as little kids are...and told Grandad she was going home but really she got in the car. Mom & Dad thought she was at Grandad's, he thought she was at home and by the time she was discovered she had been in a 60 degree car for too long. She fought bravely for two days in an induced coma but lost her battle last night. I can't even imagine the horror that family is feeling right now and their despair. The worst of it is, this is the fourth child this month in Australia. So please, hold your kids a little closer and tighter today and then take them outside and teach them to blow the car horn...hard and long if they are ever stuck in one. Sheye said she could go over the what ifs forever but the reality is, she can't take the last 72 hours back, all she can do is say to other parents, please teach your little one's to not play in cars, always lock the doors when you get out and show them where the horn is. Through the tears that have come and gone all day, I am so grateful that I belong to a wonderful community of photographers on "Grow"...a group that have rallied around and prayed, supported, cried and done practical things to somehow try and tell this family how much we love them and how we feel like we all lost Ava and her shining light too.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Make a Change!

Global Warming is such a scary thought and for us down here at the bottom of the earth, so close to a mass of ice that is melting, it is a super scary thought! We couldn't believe the images of HUGE icebergs floating off our coastlines in the middle of summer!...and speaking of summer, it is a simple fact that we just haven't had one. All my American colleagues are hanging out for their summer, well guys, all I can say is I hope you get the one that we didn't! my point, it is time we all joined together and did something about it, go HERE and join the Cause! In other news, I'm Guest Designing for Scrap of Faith this month so please come join me and the online class...a Valentine's Layout all about the most difficult person to love in our lives : ourselves. Here's a Sneak Peek: Welcome to the world, Ethan! Just a few hours old and absolutely beautiful! Laters!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

...and Happy New Year!

Big year planned with heaps of new things happening. Very exciting stuff! Not the least of which is that the new website should be up and running in the next two weeks...the Christmas holidays put a dent in the flow, but the Kylie is back on the job and so am I!! The front page is looking awesome and it just gets better...go check it out, AmandaJ Photography. I have the possibility of second shooting a couple of weddings this year, which will be fantastic as I've long been a fan of Tony Bridge. He is also running a seminar later this year, so keep an eye out for more details. For those of you who love Jinky's work (who I study with), she has changed her site, so please update your's the new link. I'm taking bookings now for this year and as I'm only going to be doing one session a week, please book early to avoid disappointment; this includes Christmas bookings as I will NOT be taking any bookings after the first weekend in December, NO exceptions. Last December was is a crazy time of year anyway huh?...but you can book NOW for those Holiday Card shoots and guarantee your spot, I will be doing two sessions a week throughout November, to cater for this..... and finally I'll leave you with some images from recent work....and as is usual on the web, they are never as sharp nor the as color saturated as in real life, just be aware of that when viewing, thanks!